Co-Founder & Lead Front-End Engineer

RokkinCat is a Milwaukee-based and completely bootstrapped consulting firm focused on providing high-skill (West Coast-level) engineering talent for local companies in need of new product development. As one of the founders, I personally oversaw business operations, aided in growth strategies and executed internal startups. During my time with the company, we successfully delivered more than 100 client projects. We also supported the local startup community by consulting with new businesses for growth and execution.

Co-Founder & Engineering Lead

Peggy is a virtual social media assistant. She curates and delivers high-quality, brand-specific content that can be easily shared or scheduled directly from your email inbox. I act as the co-founder, business strategist and lead engineer for Peggy. My responsibilities involve guiding the direction of the overall product, creating algorithms for smart content categorization and recommendation, and helping lead the direction of the business from a technology and product perspective. So far, Peggy has delivered over 12,000 content recommendations for over 220 brand profiles.

Product Development & Startup Consulting

REX is an application that allows users to recommend anything and find recommendations from friends. Starting as a web-only hybrid application (web code used to make a native-like app), I was brought in as the key engineer to take the app from web-first to mobile-first, while also making it functional on multiple platforms. The app is able to deliver updates in seconds without an approval process from the App Store, which makes it much easier to make small-detail changes. I helped oversee setup of the beta testing phase and, due to the quality of the beta delivered, investors went ahead with funding the app. Now available to the public, REX currently has more than 45,000 registered users and has been used by influencers and celebrities, including Jimmy Fallon.
Creator & Lead Developer is a project-management tool that serves as a middle ground to connect all other project management tools. Basically, the goal was to make it dead simple for project managers to see what’s going on in a project without requiring each team member to use the exact same tools and processes. A single-page JavaScript application with an Elixir backend, will eventually incorporate AI to better predict task completion times and assist project managers in following up with team members. This software program was part of the WERCBench Labs startup incubator in Summer 2015.

Project Management & Startup Consulting

Remindabill is a small-business receivables tool that makes invoicing and collecting payment a breeze. As project manager of the development team, I helped deliver the initial minimum viable product and proof of concept for the web application. I also served as a startup consultant, participated in weekly business strategy discussions and acted as the tech voice when discussing business direction.